Many shipping agencies and international B2C seller will manually check whether if the shipping address is in a remote area. It’s tedious and laborious work, but it’s also very important. Once a parcel was shipped to a remote area, the express company will charge consignor 50USD. To fix this problem, Trackingmore designed a

Remote Area Batch Checker to improve users efficiency and avoid loss.

Here is Trackingmore Remote Area Batch Checker’s highlights:

1. Support Batch query. User can easily query hundreds or thousands address at one time.
2. Support CSV table for importing batch data
3. An API interface is provided.

Data Accuracy

All of trackingmore’s data comes from the express company’s official website. The official websites will update their postal codes lists very few months. By advanced technology, Trackingmore updates its databased synchronously with the express company. At present, the accuracy rate is not 100%, but it’s already higher than 98%. It’s the most accurate remote area batch query tool in the market.

Functional Extension

Now we launched our API data interface of remote areas checking, which can be used by the international seller or freight forwarders. The software engineer can expend their website shipping calculating function by this API interface, so that customer can see the remote area surcharge before they place an order.

Interface Display

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