Dropshipping is a very popular business nowadays. The factories in China provide professional photos, detailed instructions, and multiple shipping methods. So that people all over the world can start their business with zero experience and low risk. It is almost the best e-commerce business type, isn’t it?

Well, as long as drop shipping is almost perfect, the shipping time really bugs dropshipping sellers, especially for new ones. There is nothing more frustrating than an angry or disappoint buyer.

So I’m gonna introduce you a good tool to choose the correct shipping methods.

How to choose shipping methods from suppliers’ option

Assume you are a new seller who owns an online pet shop in Croatia, and you ‘re looking for dog leash suppliers.

After some searches, a supplier popped out. It’s not bad — good photos, detailed instruction, reasonable policy. Only you need to do before adding it to your store is to choose the correct shipping method.

Let’s see what shipping method this supplier support.

Not bad, this supplier offers 5 different shipping methods.

For a dog leash, China EMS is 59.98USD, Singapore Post is up to 40 days, YW Special Line is up to 60 days. All are bad options. The remains are:

China Post Registered Air Mail: 16-28 days, 2.32USD

AliExpress Standard Shipping: 14-22 days, 2.42USD

These two choices seem good and cost similar fees. How should we choose? I guess most people choose AliExpress Standard Shipping, as it’s one-week earlier and only cost an extra 0.1 USD.

If you agree with this point, you’re completely wrong. You pay more and may receive more shipping complaint. Because either 14-22 days or 15-28 days are very rough data.

Let’s check the detail data on TrackingMore Shipping Time Calculator ( TrackingMore tracking 7 million orders per month):

China Post 13.2 days. Aliexpress Standard Shipping 14.7 days.

Let’s click the “detail” button and see more.

16% shipments of China Post were delivered after 15 days.

29% shipments of Aliexpress Standard Shipping were delivered after 15 days.


For delivery after 15 days, Aliexpress Standard shipping is 13% higher than China Post.

As we all know, most bad feedback was written by the impatient buyer who didn’t receive their package within 2 two weeks. 14-22 days is not a good standard to measure.

So 13% is a very high risk that we can’t afford. For a shipping line from China to Croatia offered by this supplier, we should choose China Post. And add 2.32USD to your selling price.


But is China Post the best shipping method from China to Croatia? At least, we can find out that 4px only need 11.4 days to deliver. And 88% of shipments were delivered within 15 days.

So what’s 4px? And what are the other shipping company, like YW-special line, Flyt Express, SFC, Chukou1, etc. ?

The Type of Couriers

About 10 years ago, before international shopping is popular. There is only 2 kind of shipping courier — Post and Express. And then special line comes.


All “Country Name + Post” courier is Post service. Most of them are run by the government providing public service. The feature is Cheap and Slow.


UPS, FedEx, DHL, and TNT are the most famous international Express. They deliver business documents during different countries. Fast, Safe and expensive.

Special Line:

Until today, Express is still expensive for international shopping. So Chinese sellers choose China Post for shipping when international shopping is starting to popular.

But as a small seller, they can’t get a discount from China Post. So they prefer to give their package to China Post’s old agent or other big sellers who can get discount from China Post and became a new agent.

Those old agent and new big seller are the predecessors of China Couriers. After years of competition, some couriers, like 4px, FTWL, SFC, YUN, etc., pop out and more and more small sellers choose them.

They are big enough to cooperate with airlines directly. They deliver packages from China to the destination by their exclusive airlines and cooperate with the local post.

Special lines are half Express and half Post.

And after a cruel competition, each of them owns different advantages. For example:

From China to Croatia, 4px is 11.5 days and YUN is 16 days.

But from China to Spain, 4px is 14.3 days and YUN is 10.1 days.

If you’re a seller in Spain, you need Yun Express rather than 4px. If you located in Croatia, it’s on the contrary.

Choose shipping methods first

So if you sell common products, like shoes, garden tools, etc., you should choose shipping methods before choose products. Check shipping speed on the Shipping Time Calculator, and choose your suppliers accordingly if they all provide similar products to you.

And if you’re already a big seller who use dropshipping or you cooperate with stable supplier, negotiate with your supplier, please. Most suppliers cooperate one or two couriers, but calling another courier to pick up goods is also handy.




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