launched the new tracking page template for 2020.

How do we install this wonderful tracking page into your store?

The answer is two and two. Two methods and two steps.

Method 1, Embedded in Your Website

You can embed the tracking page on your website. The tracking page is 100% embedded in the user’s website. The user only needs to copy our code into the HTML code of the user’s webpage.

Step1, Login and click Track & Trace Page –> Embedding Method

Step2, Copy Code #1 or Code #2 and paste the code into the HTML codes where will show the track page area.

Method 2, Hosted by TrackingMore

In this case, your tracking page will be hosted on Trackingmore’s server. Your tracking page URL will be

Step1, Embedding Method –>2. Hosted by TrackingMore – Edit Settings

Step2, Edit your setting as below.





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