launched the new tracking page template for 2020 which will incredibly seller’s secondary sales. Let’s see how to customize a favorite tracking page for your stores.

First, same old, same old. The operation is the same as before: Log in and Click Track & Trace Page –> Customize Button. Then you will see this page.

Here you can find all the places you need to set up:

1. Top bar,

2. Asset,

3. Estimated delivery,

4. Travel history, 

5. Help us improve,

6. Footer,

7. Color (under Theme setting),

8. Typography (under Theme setting),

9. SEO (under Theme setting).

All operation is similar. So I’m gonna show how to change the image for example.

Setp1, click “Asset” and the sidebar will be refreshed to be a new sidebar.

2. Click “Asset 2” after the below sidebar come out.

3. Click the “defalut.png” to upload your target image which shows your lifestyle or bestsellers, then input your link in “Image link” box

Easy, huh? Give it a try! You will love your new tracking page!

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