Yes, you can pick up USPS package delivery before delivery at your address. You need to contact the post office to the tracking number of your package and told them you want a pickup. One day before the delivery you need to go to the USPS Delivery center and provide… Continue Reading Can I pick up my mail before it is delivered?

How to find my tracking number? Your post office shipping receipt. If you mail the package at a post office in person, you will receive a receipt for your parcel. Your insurance receipt. Many people buy insurance when products valued more than 50USD. Maybe you are one of them. The… Continue Reading How to Find my Tracking Number?

Some pieces of mail require a signature from the recipient at the time of delivery. 1. Priority Mail Express (if requested), 2. Certified Mail, 3. Collect on Delivery, 4. Insured Mail (over $500), 5. Registered Mail, 6. Return Receipt, 7. Signature Confirmation 8. Adult Signature. Wanna see more knowledge for… Continue Reading What type of mail requires a signature?

Filing a claim is pretty easy, especially if you do it online, which is always the preferred method. Here are the items you will need to file your claim, with more details below: 1. Original packaging 2. The estimate of Repair Cost 3. Evidence of Value 4. Official Claim form… Continue Reading How to Successfully File an Insurance Claim with USPS?

Some times we need to contact USPS as our parcel is lost or damaged. And the most effective way to contact USPS is a phone call. Step: Dial 1-800-222-1811, 1-800-275-8777 or 1-800-ASK-USPS There will be an automated voice asking you to say required option, say “Agent”. The automated voice will… Continue Reading How to talk to a real person in USPS customer service?