The 7 Must-Have Free Shopify Apps for Any Small Stores (Most are Free!)

It’s easy to open and run your own shop on Shopify. You can also use thousands of Shopify Apps to manage your Shopify shop and provide better customer services. But it’s an extra charge for Shopify shop owners, especially for a starter. But we do have many free Apps that will also help you and save your money within the budget. The more important thing is, it’ll also save your time and energy to monitor everything in your Shop, the organic search, order management, shipment management, etc.

The 7 Must-Have Free Shopify Apps for Any Small Stores

#1 Trackingmore

Trackingmore-Shopify App

For every shop owner, things will always be in chaos when it comes to tracking. You need to handle hundreds of or even thousands of packages each month and always have to tell your customers where’s their package. However, with this package-tracking tool, you no longer need to do all of these on your own. Trackingmore has already supported Shopify, it means, you don’t need to re-added all your tracking numbers, it’ll sync all your Shopify orders automatically. It supports 500+ couriers, so you can get all the information all in one place, which saves your time to track different packages on the different website. Worrying about how to tell your customers about the status of their packages? No need! It only takes 2 minutes to generate your own tracking page. So when you sending emails to your customers, you can include the link in your email so your customers can track their packages on their own with their tracking number, order number or even their name! Sounds perfect right? Besides, they can help you send auto-notifications to your customers about the updates of their packages. In this way, you will never and ever spend one more minute sending emails and tell them where is their package. There are many other useful tools for you to track especially large volumes of shipments, for example, CSV Upload and so on. Register now and start your journey!

Trackingmore is FREE for 500 shipments each month.

#2 MailChimp

Shopify App

You might wonder what can this old-fashioned marketing channel bring to you. It’s not like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Reddit, it won’t create more organic traffic and drive brand awareness in a short time, or increase sales. But it does play an irreplaceable role in marketing. For online shop owners, it’s common to contact with all their customers mostly by emails. So it’s super important to manage your email marketing.

If you’re going to send all the emails on your own and one by one, you might go crazy especially there are hundreds or thousands of customers and they’re in different status. So you need to build a record for each customer and always know which email you need to send to which customer. Things will be much easier and clearer if you can use some helping tools. MailChimp, with a “mail” in its name, is absolutely a nice email marketing tool. It’s powerful, easy to use, so it’s a good fit for a Shopify starter. It allows you to add all your customer emails to the MailChimp account, then you can manage all of them in the future. Promotion emails, discount emails, or even abandoned cart emails, you can make a plan and manage all your customers in a general way. Every marketing thing you want to realize through emails, you can let MailChimp help.

Mailchimp is free for up to 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month.

#3 Product Reviews

Shopify App

If you want to add a customer review feature to your products, you should try Product Review, a FREE product reviews widget developed by Shopify team. It’s a perfect starting for you to add a cute and fancy review function on your website. Adding a line of code can make your page looks nice and convincing. It’s not something big, but it presents the views of each product in a simple and direct way. Customers can have a general impression of it which saves their time to choose the most suitable products for themselves and greatly increase their willingness to buy. Imagine, when you customers are browsering your shops and they see those bright five stars and various comments, won’t they want to buy one if they might need it? For those who hesitate, not to mention how useful this widget is.

Product Review is a FREE App.

#4 Kit

Shopify App

If you want to increase your organic search traffic in the shortest time, it’s always better to promote your brand on social network site. If you’re a heavy user of Facebook, Kit will be your extra set of hands you’ve been looking for to help with marketing your store. As your FREE virtual employee, Kit will recommend the marketing activities most likely to drive sales. It’s your intelligent helper which saves your time and energy to browse all kinds of statistics and fancy charts. Believe it or not, it can always find your target audiences and achieve your “Goal” within your budget. Just tell them what you want and they’ll follow all your instructions. In addition, for customers who are about to purchase, it’ll nudge them with a follow-up email. For starters who want to advertise but don’t know how, don’t have time to figure it out or don’t have budget to hire an experienced expert, Kit is a good choice.

Your Shopify store must be on the $29 plan or higher to use Kit.

#5 Oberlo

Shopify App

How to find a great business idea or sell something in urgent? Try this App. Oberlo is a great tool to help. You can simply type the keyword of the things that you’re interested in. If not, you can browse the most popular topic and find if there’s anything to inspire you. There are millions of products on various shopping websites, Oberlo can help you locate what you need. Once you decide, it’ll help you complete ordering, packaging, and shipping. It a practical tool that benefits your drop shipping business and saves you lots of time to find your target. You don’t need to worry about it or handle every order, Oberlo will help to ship the product directly to your customers from your supplier.

Oberlo is a free App.

#6 Mobile Converter

Shopify App

With the development of mobile devices, people are getting used to sliding their cell phone to get the most-updated information, so does the hot-sale products. However, your website might look perfect, but will it also perfect on mobile devices? It’s hard to say. It’s common to see self-adaptive pages nowadays, but if you don’t know how to do that, you might need this helper, Mobile Converter. It works seamlessly on all mobile devices and you don’t need to know anything about coding. It’s easy to install and customizable. So you can make it match your website perfectly. This will boost your mobile conversions and revenue, which helps you gain more traffic and income from mobile devices users.

Mobile Converter is 100% FREE.

#6 Edit by Hextom

Shopify App

For online shops, the greatest eye-catcher for customers is its design. If you have a distinct theme , visually appealing images and professional design, then you’re halfway there. From the technical perspective, how to make sure that your customers will have the chance to find your shop while browsering the internet with billions of information? Then you might need to have a nice rank. Bulk Image Edit can help you improve SEO and performance in an easier way. No matter you want to choose the best size for your page to load, match all the alt-text and file name or want o make all the images look conforming, Bulk Image Edit can help you realize that.

Bulk Image Edit supports free plan.

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