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Hi, guys, thanks for watching this instruction for Trackingmore’s Tracking Page. This is Fei from Trackingmore Team. After 6 months of hard work of the survey, research, develop, we launched our newest tracking page to all users. The image you saw below is the new tracking page!

Do you like it?

Old Track & Trace Page

Of course, right now most of our clients are still use the old version of our tracking page. Most of old tracking pages looks as below.

It’s not bad. But it’s a functional page — Logo, Brand name, Track button, Instructions, etc. This old tracking page works for our 200,000+ registered users (store owners) for more than 2 years. It did a great job of providing tracking information to buyers. But we want more, we want our tracking page to improve your brand image and boost your sales.

That’s why we designed this new style of tracking page.


Compare old version, the new version includes a shipping progress bar, estimated delivery time, stars, and most import things – 5 customized images with clickable links to show your best sellers, image representative, your lifestyle or anything else you want to show to your buyers.

We did a small scale testing with some clients who added links of bestsellers in the old tracking page. The new tracking page boost sales by 100~200%!

So I’m proud to say that this is a page which is not only for tracking but also for sales! That’s why I’m so excited to introduce you to this page.

Instruction to set up your own page

I don’t want to speak too much that you think what I said is nothing like leather. Let’s get back to the point. In this category of tracking page of this blog, I’ll write several articles to help you to set up your own tracking page. Give it a try, you will find you can’t leave it already!

  1. How to create and install a tracking page on your eCommerce website?
  2. How to setup “track by order ID” or “track by tracking number”?
  3. How to customize the tracking results page for better sales?
  4. How does the”Estimated delivery time” work?
  5. How to translate your tracking page for my customers who don’t speak English?
  6. Can I still use the old tracking page version?

We need your suggestion!

We’re eager to know your opinion on the new tracking page. Could you give us some suggestions about our tracking?

This tracking page may be designed by us, but it’s for you. Let’s perfect it together!

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