Hi, this is Song Fei from TrackingMore.com, which provides one of the best Order Tracking Solution to the world. Thanks for watching this documents, I value highly your time. So I won’t lavish praise on ourself, I’ll derictly tell you what TrackingMore can do for you.

Boost your sales with branded tracking page

Shipping, especially international shipping, takes a long time. Most of customers will track their order online several times.

Usually customer service team will provide a third party parcel tracking link to customers by emails. That means your customer will visit other websites several times during waiting, not your own website. This is a huge waste of website traffic.

By using TrackingMore tracking solution, you can add your own tracking page in your website.

Each time your customer track their order, they will see your recommend products. So they probably buy another one after they receive the current item.

Keep your customers away from your competitors

Have you ever consider why the third party tracking website provides FREE tracking service for visitors? The answer is easy, the tracking website can acquire revenues from Advertisement Display. But who is paying for those advertisement?

This is a screenshot from a tracking website. You find there is advertisement on the bottom and right.

Why it show me women clothes website? Because advertisement alliance collected my information by cookies, and all website, such as Google, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, etc., are using cookies.

So every time customer receive your customer service email which provides a third party parcel tracking link, they saw your competitor’s advertisement.

Save your 80% customer service time!

There is nothing more frustrating than receive an angry email or call about “where is my package?” It take most energy of your customer service team.

TrackingMore are not only providing email notification for shipping status, but also providing shipping status.

With graphic analysis of tracking status, everything will be clear at a glance, you will easily find which shipping is under an exception, and fix it before they know.

Amazing service at the best price.

Due to fast API response, stable servers, and timely tech suppot, we gains more and more clients. Wish, Banggood, SheIn, etc., are all using our order tracking solution.

Although we become one of the best order tracking solution provider, we still provide best price for clients all over the world.

For now, our standard charge for 10,000 tracking is only 80USD, which is more than 50% cheaper than all our competitors.

FREE trial for August

Thanks for you time and watching this documents. Contact me, please! I’ll help you to apply our order tracking solution (API and shopify apps). I’ll provide you a free trial for whole August. So that you can figure out whether if you need it.

My email is [email protected] and mobile is +86 131 287 10096.

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