How to choose shipping method for your dropshipping orders?

Dropshipping is a very popular business nowadays. The factories in China provide professional photos, detailed instructions, and multiple shipping methods. So that people all over the world can start their business with zero experience and low risk. It is almost the best e-commerce business type, isn’t it?

Well, as long as drop shipping is almost perfect, the shipping time really bugs dropshipping sellers, especially for new ones. There is nothing more frustrating than an angry or disappoint buyer.

So I’m gonna introduce you a good tool to choose the correct shipping methods.

How to choose shipping methods from suppliers’ option

Assume you are a new seller who owns an online pet shop in Croatia, and you ‘re looking for dog leash suppliers.

After some searches, a supplier popped out. It’s not bad — good photos, detailed instruction, reasonable policy. Only you need to do before adding it to your store is to choose the correct shipping method.

Let’s see what shipping method this supplier support.

Not bad, this supplier offers 5 different shipping methods.

For a dog leash, China EMS is 59.98USD, Singapore Post is up to 40 days, YW Special Line is up to 60 days. All are bad options. The remains are:

China Post Registered Air Mail: 16-28 days, 2.32USD

AliExpress Standard Shipping: 14-22 days, 2.42USD

These two choices seem good and cost similar fees. How should we choose? I guess most people choose AliExpress Standard Shipping, as it’s one-week earlier and only cost an extra 0.1 USD.

If you agree with this point, you’re completely wrong. You pay more and may receive more shipping complaint. Because either 14-22 days or 15-28 days are very rough data.

Let’s check the detail data on TrackingMore Shipping Time Calculator ( TrackingMore tracking 7 million orders per month):

China Post 13.2 days. Aliexpress Standard Shipping 14.7 days.

Let’s click the “detail” button and see more.

16% shipments of China Post were delivered after 15 days.

29% shipments of Aliexpress Standard Shipping were delivered after 15 days.


For delivery after 15 days, Aliexpress Standard shipping is 13% higher than China Post.

As we all know, most bad feedback was written by the impatient buyer who didn’t receive their package within 2 two weeks. 14-22 days is not a good standard to measure.

So 13% is a very high risk that we can’t afford. For a shipping line from China to Croatia offered by this supplier, we should choose China Post. And add 2.32USD to your selling price.


But is China Post the best shipping method from China to Croatia? At least, we can find out that 4px only need 11.4 days to deliver. And 88% of shipments were delivered within 15 days.

So what’s 4px? And what are the other shipping company, like YW-special line, Flyt Express, SFC, Chukou1, etc. ?

The Type of Couriers

About 10 years ago, before international shopping is popular. There is only 2 kind of shipping courier — Post and Express. And then special line comes.


All “Country Name + Post” courier is Post service. Most of them are run by the government providing public service. The feature is Cheap and Slow.


UPS, FedEx, DHL, and TNT are the most famous international Express. They deliver business documents during different countries. Fast, Safe and expensive.

Special Line:

Until today, Express is still expensive for international shopping. So Chinese sellers choose China Post for shipping when international shopping is starting to popular.

But as a small seller, they can’t get a discount from China Post. So they prefer to give their package to China Post’s old agent or other big sellers who can get discount from China Post and became a new agent.

Those old agent and new big seller are the predecessors of China Couriers. After years of competition, some couriers, like 4px, FTWL, SFC, YUN, etc., pop out and more and more small sellers choose them.

They are big enough to cooperate with airlines directly. They deliver packages from China to the destination by their exclusive airlines and cooperate with the local post.

Special lines are half Express and half Post.

And after a cruel competition, each of them owns different advantages. For example:

From China to Croatia, 4px is 11.5 days and YUN is 16 days.

But from China to Spain, 4px is 14.3 days and YUN is 10.1 days.

If you’re a seller in Spain, you need Yun Express rather than 4px. If you located in Croatia, it’s on the contrary.

Choose shipping methods first

So if you sell common products, like shoes, garden tools, etc., you should choose shipping methods before choose products. Check shipping speed on the Shipping Time Calculator, and choose your suppliers accordingly if they all provide similar products to you.

And if you’re already a big seller who use dropshipping or you cooperate with stable supplier, negotiate with your supplier, please. Most suppliers cooperate one or two couriers, but calling another courier to pick up goods is also handy.




Top 5 Shopify Apps to Boost Sales in 2019

As your Shopify seller, you have a lot of options to extend the functionality of your online store with thousands of Shopify apps.

It’s impossible to watch the large app store and trial out over 2,000 apps. So to save your precious time, we decide to research all reviews of popular apps. Among those hundreds of apps, most users believe the below apps are most comprehensive, easy-to-use, and reliable tools on Shopify store.

1. Oberlo

If you’re looking for a business idea or don’t want to stock a vast inventory, Oberlo is your best choice. With Oberlo, you can search a marketplace of products to import directly into your Shopify store. When you receive an order, you can fulfil it through your dropshipping supplier via Oberlo, and they will ship the product to your customers for you. There’s no need to worry about packaging or to ship it yourself.

2. One-Click Social Login

As we are a new Shopify store, we don’t have customers who already registered. It’s no reason to ask a customer spending 10 minutes to register a new account. So this app is quite useful, it allows a customer to log in with an account of Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Amazon, Google+, Instagram, etc.

3. Wheelio ‑ Gamified pop‑up

If you ever manage an eBay or Amazon store, you will know that it’s hard to sell your account. Because no matter how many products you sold before, you don’t have any customer’s information. Without contact information, there is no way to do marketing, and we would never build our brand.

So for Shopify store, collecting customer info and do marketing accordingly is one of the most function and goal.

There is a lot way to collect customer information, this wheelio, just like its name, can collect customer’s information by games. Fun, is it?

4. Sticky Exit Offers

Customers finally visit our store after we spend a lot of money on marketing. Some of them add products into the cart and leave without buying. What should we do?

This app will shop up a dialogue box and told the customer there is a discount. This move will take a lot of customers back.

5. TrackingMore ‑ Order Tracking

When the customer finally paid, we should ship their products out immediately. As I mentioned at first, you can fulfil it through your dropshipping supplier via Oberlo. But as products are shipped by different suppliers, some products are shipped by China Post, and others are shipped by Hong Kong Post, etc. When we have dozens of orders per day, we need an excellent tool to do all the stuff for us automatically. So trackingmore is quite useful.

How TrackingMore recognize 610+ couriers’s shipping status?

TrackingMore website currently supports more than 600 couriers. Many couriers only provide logistics trajectory information, not logistics status. However, trackingmore still successfully divide all logistics trajectory into seven unified situations. How does TrackingMore manage to do it?

First, let’s see which are the seven logistics status classified by TrackingMore:

Not Found: None information on this tracking number
Transit: The package is in the transit
Out for Delivery: The courier is on the way to deliver parcels.
Failed Attempt: The courier was unable to deliver parcel due to unexpected reason.
Delivered: The parcel is delivered.
Exception: The parcel may be lost or damaged.
Expired: The parcel is not delivered for a long time.

One. Setup Keywords Libraries.

To automatically identify these logistics status, we need to make corresponding keywords libraries for each situation.

For example, when the word “delivery” appears in the USPS logistics information, we know that the parcel has been signed by the consignee; and when the keyword “unsuccessful delivery” appears, we can determine that the package is failed to delivery.

Two. Define priority of Each Status

Exception > Delivered > Delivery Failure > Failed Attempt > Transit

Although we already setup the keyword libraries, the keywords “waiting for delivery” and “successful signed by consignee” will show up in logistics information. So we will recognize the express delivery as “successful signed by consignee” according to the priority principle.

Exceptional situations

1. How to distinguish the returned parcel from the normal one?

Returned parcel’s logistics information often appears “customer rejection”, “return to sender” and other words, but also appear “out for delivery” and other words at the same time, we will identify the single as “maybe abnormal”, and then distinguish from the usual parcels.

If there are no keywords like “returned sender” in the single number, but it is indeed returned, we can judge the status according to the geographical location, such as the origin of the tracking number is “A street, Queen, New York”, and the signing place is “A street, Queen, New York”, then the express delivery is likely to be returned.

For international express delivery, if the original country is China and the destination is the United States, but the final place of signature and receipt is China or the words like “进口拆封” appear in the information section of China Post, then the express delivery must be a returned parcel.

2. The influence of misleading keywords

For example, “delivery” means package is signed by consignee, but “will be delivered in 3 days” means not delivered yet; and “return to sender” means return, but “will return to sender if failed to deliver within 3days” corresponds to the status of “Out for Delivery” rather than return to sender.

3. Keyword Recognition in Multilingualism

For international express, as there may be different languages in the logistics information, it is necessary to updates the keyword Libraries with different languages in order to recognize the status correctly.

For example, “投妥”, “delivered”, “zugestellt”, “お届け済み”, “ENTREGADO”, “Отправление доставлено” are Chinese, English, German, Spanish and Russian respectively.

4. Differences of Express company

Because the logistics information of different express companies is not uniform, so some times the same keyword mean different status in different express companies, so it needs to be amended separately for specific express companies.

For example, “Received” maybe mean that the courier already receives the package in some express company, but in some other express company, it means the consignee already receive the package.


In order to recognize the status of express delivery successfully, first of all, we should have enough data to establish a big vocabulary database, so that we can recognize the state automatically and accurately.

Secondly, apply the newest AI algorithm. Hundreds of express company each have a different expression. Why can an experienced man recognize the parcel’s status with only one glance? Our algorithm must think as a real man.

Ps: After three years of accumulation and trial-and-error, TrackingMore platform has achieved the best status-recognition function in the industry. If you find some tracking number still has a problem, please contact us.

Why you need parcel tracking API service?

Hi, this is Song Fei from, which provides one of the best Order Tracking Solution to the world. Thanks for watching this documents, I value highly your time. So I won’t lavish praise on ourself, I’ll derictly tell you what TrackingMore can do for you.

Boost your sales with branded tracking page

Shipping, especially international shipping, takes a long time. Most of customers will track their order online several times.

Usually customer service team will provide a third party parcel tracking link to customers by emails. That means your customer will visit other websites several times during waiting, not your own website. This is a huge waste of website traffic.

By using TrackingMore tracking solution, you can add your own tracking page in your website.

Each time your customer track their order, they will see your recommend products. So they probably buy another one after they receive the current item.

Keep your customers away from your competitors

Have you ever consider why the third party tracking website provides FREE tracking service for visitors? The answer is easy, the tracking website can acquire revenues from Advertisement Display. But who is paying for those advertisement?

This is a screenshot from a tracking website. You find there is advertisement on the bottom and right.

Why it show me women clothes website? Because advertisement alliance collected my information by cookies, and all website, such as Google, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, etc., are using cookies.

So every time customer receive your customer service email which provides a third party parcel tracking link, they saw your competitor’s advertisement.

Save your 80% customer service time!

There is nothing more frustrating than receive an angry email or call about “where is my package?” It take most energy of your customer service team.

TrackingMore are not only providing email notification for shipping status, but also providing shipping status.

With graphic analysis of tracking status, everything will be clear at a glance, you will easily find which shipping is under an exception, and fix it before they know.

Amazing service at the best price.

Due to fast API response, stable servers, and timely tech suppot, we gains more and more clients. Wish, Banggood, SheIn, etc., are all using our order tracking solution.

Although we become one of the best order tracking solution provider, we still provide best price for clients all over the world.

For now, our standard charge for 10,000 tracking is only 80USD, which is more than 50% cheaper than all our competitors.

FREE trial for August

Thanks for you time and watching this documents. Contact me, please! I’ll help you to apply our order tracking solution (API and shopify apps). I’ll provide you a free trial for whole August. So that you can figure out whether if you need it.

My email is [email protected] and mobile is +86 131 287 10096.

DHL FedEx UPS TNT Remote Area Checker

Many shipping agencies and international B2C seller will manually check whether if the shipping address is in a remote area. It’s tedious and laborious work, but it’s also very important. Once a parcel was shipped to a remote area, the express company will charge consignor 50USD. To fix this problem, Trackingmore designed a

Remote Area Batch Checker to improve users efficiency and avoid loss.

Here is Trackingmore Remote Area Batch Checker’s highlights:

1. Support Batch query. User can easily query hundreds or thousands address at one time.
2. Support CSV table for importing batch data
3. An API interface is provided.

Data Accuracy

All of trackingmore’s data comes from the express company’s official website. The official websites will update their postal codes lists very few months. By advanced technology, Trackingmore updates its databased synchronously with the express company. At present, the accuracy rate is not 100%, but it’s already higher than 98%. It’s the most accurate remote area batch query tool in the market.

Functional Extension

Now we launched our API data interface of remote areas checking, which can be used by the international seller or freight forwarders. The software engineer can expend their website shipping calculating function by this API interface, so that customer can see the remote area surcharge before they place an order.

Interface Display will be shut down on July 18th, 2019

On April 17th, Amazon announces that it’s China marketplace business will be shut down from July 18th, 2019. “We are working closely with our sellers to ensure a smooth transition and to continue to deliver the best customer experience possible,” the spokeswoman said in a statement. It means Amazon will quit the battle with Alibaba & in China. However, its Amazon Web Services (AWS), Kindle, Amazon Prime, and a few fulfillment centers are still supported.

Third-party sellers or merchants in the Chinese mainland can no longer operate their business on Amazon, while customers can still shop from the overseas market including America, England, Denmark, Japan, Germany, etc.

Even Amazon has promoted its online business in China in recent years, it doesn’t work well. It seems that Amazon has lost its major competitive advantage in China than its rivals. According to iResearch Global, Amazon only takes 0.6% of the China market share in 2018, while Alibaba & take 81.9%. And this has been going on for several years.

Amazon China, formerly known as, is launched on Jan 3rd, 1999. This is the 20th year in China. But if it’s not profitable and growing, it’s reasonable to pull themselves out. The end of domestic online shopping service in China doesn’t equal to the end of its exploration in China. It allows them to centralize the resource and focus on other services, like AWS, import business, Amazon International, Kindle, Amazon Prime, etc. It’s said that Amazon is working with NetEase about merging its import business with Kaola. But both of them haven’t said anything about it. We believe the next step of Amazon will affect its business in the Chinese market to a great extent.

No matter what happens, Trackingmore will keep providing the best tracking solutions to empower all the merchants and benefit all the customers. Let’s look forward to the promising development of the eCommerce market both in China and the world.




  • 查询不到:单号无信息
  • 运输途中:快递在运输途中
  • 到达待取:快递在派送中
  • 投递失败:快递派送失败
  • 成功签收:快递被成功签收
  • 可能异常:快递可能被退件,或丢失
  • 运输过久:快递运输很久仍然没有签收







这里面涉及“ 节点状态 ”与“ 最终状态 ”,每一条信息都可以根据关键词库去识别出来一个“节点状态”,但这个单号的最终状态,需要依据状态优先级来判定。


1. 退件签收的单号,如何与正常签收的单号区分开来?

  • 退件签收的单号,物流信息中通常会出现“客户拒收”、“退回发件人”等字样,同时也会出现“妥投”等字样,这个时候,我们会把单号识别为“ 可能异常 ”,进而与正常签收单号区分
  • 如果单号中没有“退回发件人”的字样,但是确实是退件,我们可以根据地理位置来判断状态,例如单号的始发地是“山东省聊城市揽投部”,签收地还是“山东省聊城市揽投部”,那么这个快递很有可能是退件签收。
  • 对于国际快递,如果发件国是中国,目的国是美国,但最后的签收地是中国,或者在中国邮政的信息段中出现了“进口互封”“进口开拆”等字样,那么这个快递也肯定是退件。

2. 误导性的关键词对状态识别的影响

例如,“delivered”代表签收,但“Will be delivered in 3 days”指的就是还未签收的状态;“退回发件人”代表退件,但“三日不取默认退回发件人”对应的就是“到达待取”的状态,并不是退件。



例如,“妥投”、“delivered”、“zugestellt”、“お届け済み”、“ENTREGADO”、“Отправление доставлено”分别是中文、英文、德语、日语、西班牙语、俄语的签收词。

4. 不同快递商的差异性













(1)在顺丰的丰桥平台注册一个账户(此账户必须是顺丰月结账户,目前顺丰路由接口暂时不允许非顺丰月结客户查询),选择丰桥服务-第三方软件,然后搜索 TrackingMore 第三方软件,选中后申请接入。注意,不是顺丰开放平台,是丰桥平台,另外,不需要自己注册为开发者。






The 7 Must-Have Free Shopify Apps for Any Small Stores (Most are Free!)

It’s easy to open and run your own shop on Shopify. You can also use thousands of Shopify Apps to manage your Shopify shop and provide better customer services. But it’s an extra charge for Shopify shop owners, especially for a starter. But we do have many free Apps that will also help you and save your money within the budget. The more important thing is, it’ll also save your time and energy to monitor everything in your Shop, the organic search, order management, shipment management, etc.

The 7 Must-Have Free Shopify Apps for Any Small Stores

#1 Trackingmore

Trackingmore-Shopify App

For every shop owner, things will always be in chaos when it comes to tracking. You need to handle hundreds of or even thousands of packages each month and always have to tell your customers where’s their package. However, with this package-tracking tool, you no longer need to do all of these on your own. Trackingmore has already supported Shopify, it means, you don’t need to re-added all your tracking numbers, it’ll sync all your Shopify orders automatically. It supports 500+ couriers, so you can get all the information all in one place, which saves your time to track different packages on the different website. Worrying about how to tell your customers about the status of their packages? No need! It only takes 2 minutes to generate your own tracking page. So when you sending emails to your customers, you can include the link in your email so your customers can track their packages on their own with their tracking number, order number or even their name! Sounds perfect right? Besides, they can help you send auto-notifications to your customers about the updates of their packages. In this way, you will never and ever spend one more minute sending emails and tell them where is their package. There are many other useful tools for you to track especially large volumes of shipments, for example, CSV Upload and so on. Register now and start your journey!

Trackingmore is FREE for 500 shipments each month.

#2 MailChimp

Shopify App

You might wonder what can this old-fashioned marketing channel bring to you. It’s not like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Reddit, it won’t create more organic traffic and drive brand awareness in a short time, or increase sales. But it does play an irreplaceable role in marketing. For online shop owners, it’s common to contact with all their customers mostly by emails. So it’s super important to manage your email marketing.

If you’re going to send all the emails on your own and one by one, you might go crazy especially there are hundreds or thousands of customers and they’re in different status. So you need to build a record for each customer and always know which email you need to send to which customer. Things will be much easier and clearer if you can use some helping tools. MailChimp, with a “mail” in its name, is absolutely a nice email marketing tool. It’s powerful, easy to use, so it’s a good fit for a Shopify starter. It allows you to add all your customer emails to the MailChimp account, then you can manage all of them in the future. Promotion emails, discount emails, or even abandoned cart emails, you can make a plan and manage all your customers in a general way. Every marketing thing you want to realize through emails, you can let MailChimp help.

Mailchimp is free for up to 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month.

#3 Product Reviews

Shopify App

If you want to add a customer review feature to your products, you should try Product Review, a FREE product reviews widget developed by Shopify team. It’s a perfect starting for you to add a cute and fancy review function on your website. Adding a line of code can make your page looks nice and convincing. It’s not something big, but it presents the views of each product in a simple and direct way. Customers can have a general impression of it which saves their time to choose the most suitable products for themselves and greatly increase their willingness to buy. Imagine, when you customers are browsering your shops and they see those bright five stars and various comments, won’t they want to buy one if they might need it? For those who hesitate, not to mention how useful this widget is.

Product Review is a FREE App.

#4 Kit

Shopify App

If you want to increase your organic search traffic in the shortest time, it’s always better to promote your brand on social network site. If you’re a heavy user of Facebook, Kit will be your extra set of hands you’ve been looking for to help with marketing your store. As your FREE virtual employee, Kit will recommend the marketing activities most likely to drive sales. It’s your intelligent helper which saves your time and energy to browse all kinds of statistics and fancy charts. Believe it or not, it can always find your target audiences and achieve your “Goal” within your budget. Just tell them what you want and they’ll follow all your instructions. In addition, for customers who are about to purchase, it’ll nudge them with a follow-up email. For starters who want to advertise but don’t know how, don’t have time to figure it out or don’t have budget to hire an experienced expert, Kit is a good choice.

Your Shopify store must be on the $29 plan or higher to use Kit.

#5 Oberlo

Shopify App

How to find a great business idea or sell something in urgent? Try this App. Oberlo is a great tool to help. You can simply type the keyword of the things that you’re interested in. If not, you can browse the most popular topic and find if there’s anything to inspire you. There are millions of products on various shopping websites, Oberlo can help you locate what you need. Once you decide, it’ll help you complete ordering, packaging, and shipping. It a practical tool that benefits your drop shipping business and saves you lots of time to find your target. You don’t need to worry about it or handle every order, Oberlo will help to ship the product directly to your customers from your supplier.

Oberlo is a free App.

#6 Mobile Converter

Shopify App

With the development of mobile devices, people are getting used to sliding their cell phone to get the most-updated information, so does the hot-sale products. However, your website might look perfect, but will it also perfect on mobile devices? It’s hard to say. It’s common to see self-adaptive pages nowadays, but if you don’t know how to do that, you might need this helper, Mobile Converter. It works seamlessly on all mobile devices and you don’t need to know anything about coding. It’s easy to install and customizable. So you can make it match your website perfectly. This will boost your mobile conversions and revenue, which helps you gain more traffic and income from mobile devices users.

Mobile Converter is 100% FREE.

#6 Edit by Hextom

Shopify App

For online shops, the greatest eye-catcher for customers is its design. If you have a distinct theme , visually appealing images and professional design, then you’re halfway there. From the technical perspective, how to make sure that your customers will have the chance to find your shop while browsering the internet with billions of information? Then you might need to have a nice rank. Bulk Image Edit can help you improve SEO and performance in an easier way. No matter you want to choose the best size for your page to load, match all the alt-text and file name or want o make all the images look conforming, Bulk Image Edit can help you realize that.

Bulk Image Edit supports free plan.

5 best Shopify Shipping APPs you should know

As one of the biggest e-commerce platforms in the world, Shopify has been beneficial to millions of merchants and customers. Meanwhile, lots of Shopify apps are developed to help merchants to manage and develop their business. Today, I’d like to introduce you 5 handpicked shipping Apps for order tracking.

#1 Trackingmore

Trackingmore is a tracking solution provider. Its powerful features can meet all your needs. It is a little complicated to figure out how to use every feature, but one of the best things is, you can always find the best workaround for your needs. For example, filling out the shipping time when using CSV Upload help Amazon shop owners to monitor if their packages can meet the delivery time of Amazon, so they can take actions accordingly. And the Auto-fetch CSV can sync every change in the Google Drive Spreadsheet. Other functions like Tracking Page, Remote Area Checker, Track button, customized notification… It’ll be better if they can publish a blog about those features and how can it help in combination. The design is a little old-fashioned, there are no fancy charts, but it’s still practical.

It’s pay-as-you-go.
Free for 500 tracking numbers per month(free API for the first month)
$20 for 2500 tracking numbers
$50 for 8000 tracking numbers

2 Tracktor

Tracktor is a professional tool for package tracking and order status checking. The layout is clear and clean. And the installation is very easy. As a tool, it does a great job in its functions. What makes it special is the Google Map it shows. So you can check the status of each order clearly and visually with Google Map. In addition, the turnaround time of their customer service is really quick and they can help you create a customized theme. So you can choose your favorite type that fits your store. Even its free test is much less than other shipping tools and it won’t reset every month, but the price for a paid account is still affordable and acceptable.
Free for first 100 tracking lookups
$14.99 for 2000 order tracking lookups per month
$29.99 for 5000 order tracking lookups per month

#3 Shipping Tracker

This tool is similar to Tracktor & Trackingmore. The dashboard is clear and clean like a chart. It also classifies the package into different statues. And it can show its place in Google Map when the package is in pre-transit, in transit and delivered. So the customer can know where’s their package visually. Unlike Trackingmore, it has 3 themes tracking page, and you can ask the team for more if you want something unique and special. This tool doesn’t support as many couriers as others do, but most of the big international couriers are supported. The email & SMS notification is good, but it seems like the email template can’t be fully customized. Beyond that, it does meet all your needs about tracking. But if the price is cost-effective, I think I need more time to figure it out.

Free for 10 shipments per month
$85 for 2000 shipments per month
$175 for 5000 tracking numbers per month
SMS: $0.02 per sent

#4 Easyship

Compared with monitoring the tracking, things before shipping can be time-consuming and even drive you crazy. This friendly dropshipping app can help you handle many things before tracking, which saves your time to choose courier and calculate shipping cost. You don’t need to be afraid of overspending anymore. With Easyship, you can check the exact amount of import taxes, VAT, GST and other fees. And you can print the lable which is clear and easy to identify. In addition, it provides customs invoices and declarations, which saves a lot of time. However, it’s only beneficial to shop owners in the US, Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia since it only supports a few big international shipping companies. Hope it’ll integrate more couriers and benefits more merchants.

No additional fee, you only need to pay the shipping rates as shown.

#5 Shippo

Shippo is another friendly app for dropshipping, same as Easyship. I haven’t found any bulk operating button in Easyship, but Shippo supports bulk printing of shipping labels, generating return labels, tracking shipments and drafting international docs. It saves you lots of time when managing a bunch of orders. If you’re a USPS and DHL Express user, they’ll provide discounted shipping rates. Same as Easyship. you can also compare different couriers and choose the most suitable shipping solution for each order without installing any software. And they promise to provide support within 4 hours, which is a fast turnaround time. Unlike Easyship, you need to pay 5 cents for each label except the shipping cost of each package. 5 cents is not expensive, but if you have thousands of orders each month, or even more, it’ll be a large budget that needs to be considered.

$0.05 per label + shipping cost

Let them help you manage and develop your business!